12 Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

So you’ve finished your website and now you’re wondering “where do i promote my website”. Well we’ve done some research for you and have gathered a few places where you can start promoting your website. Take a look at these places. 

  • Add it at the bottom of your business email signature.
  • On your business cards. Dont forget to walk with them and hand them out when the opportunities arise.
  • On print marketing materials such as banners, pens, water bottles etc.
  • On your Facebook business and personal page.
  • Start your own blog.
  • On Social Media groups as long as you have permission. This is great to promote your website and increase brand awareness.
  • On printable PDF documents.
  • On your YouTube channel.
  • Use Reddit to share and discuss topics pertaining to your business.
  • Use Quora to ask and answer questions. Using this to showcase your knowledge in specific business areas.
  • In the Yellow Pages.
  • Create a Social Media business page

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