How to use your Brand Board

A brand board is a complete document used as a reference guide to your brand’s visual identity. Think of it as a map used on a road trip. Without the map you’ll get lost and need to constantly stop and ask for directions to places such as a hotel, a gas station, a restaurant etc.  The brand board is the same thing, it keeps you on track with regards to everything you needs to brand your business online or on print materials.

What Does A Brand Board Consist Of:

A brand board consist of some or all of the following: 

  • A primary logo
  • Secondary logos also called “logo variations”
  • A submark, also called a favicon, which is a simplified version of the primary logo and is used when the original logo doesn’t work as well as you’d like.
  • Watermarks
  • Typography/Font
  • A color palette
  • Textures
  • Mood board which has images used for inspirations on how you came across the colors

Why Do Business Owners Need A Brand Board

When branding your company, a brand board is one of the most important document you’ll need to keep your branding on track and to maintain a cohesive brand identity. You’ll always need it to assist with creating any kind of designs for websites, graphics, visuals, or brand collateral. It’s a reference guide with a collection of logos, colors, fonts and/or textures to ensure that your designs are consitent  with your brand identity.

How Do We Make A Brand Board?

The first question which is very important for both client and designer is do you own a logo or are you looking for us to redesign or reuse your exiting logo. Next we move on to the amount of fonts you need to complete your visual branding guide? Do you want to add a color palette? Or do you want us to design from scratch?

If we’re designing your brand from scratch, we’ll discuss all aspects you desire for your brand board. We’d also need to know if your brand will appear only on digital or on both digital and print designs.

Steps To Creating Brand Board:

  • We gather inspiration from our client to create a mood board. Informations such as whether they prefer neutral or bold colors, a simple design, specific colors they prefer such as nature or sports, Adventurous and laid back. Where the client sees their brand within a certain time frame and so forth.
  • color palette. After selecting photos from the moodboard we create, it’ll become easier for us to select 3-5 colors to create a color palette to work with.
  • Next, we move on to research and design your 1-2 logo, present it to the client then move on to creating multiple variations, submarks and watermarks.
  • Fonts are as important as color and your logo, so its important for us to select the right fonts that work well with our clients brand.
  • Now we bring them all together to create the brand board implementing all the information we gathered earlier.


brand board is a great way to differentiate yourself from others in the market. Its a quick reference guide to keeping your brand consistent and it typically includes your logo plus variations, color palette, fonts, patterns and images. And remember, there’s absolutely no room for flexibility.

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