connecting clients with customers

Who we are.

Hydel Media Solutions is a web-based company located in Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in designing mobile responsive websites, graphic designs, social media branding, and print marketing materials that are printed and shipped directly to our clients to promote their business and products.

We’re a full service provider with a passion for creating high quality and affordable projects for individuals, small to medium size businesses and organizations to get their business connected online.

With our skilled and experienced team, our designs speaks volumes for your brand! So whether you’re a start-up or you’ve been in business for a while, we can walk you through the process of getting online to brand your business.

Our Mission: To provide high quality projects without sacrificing quality.

Our Slogan: “Connecting clients with customers”

Our approach to all our projects are simple: we review each projects, make suggestions to rebrand (if needed), we get to know and understanding your business, your market, your business needs and your business goals. Afterall, our job is not just to design, its to connect you with your clients.

What we do.

Hydel Media Solutions focuses on expanding our client’s business by taking care of the digital headaches our clients face on a daily basis. We help our client’s business to be seen and connected through websites, print media, social media and marketing products. 

We’re committed to designing websites that are affordable and professional for our clients. We design websites from startups to e-commerce, across a wide range of industries including medical and health, construction, insurance, and real estate. We transform brands, build a strong online presence and highlight our clients website across multiple screen sizes and device types including cell phones, iPads and other tablets.

We work with our clients to design high quality graphics that portray their brand and business. We also print and ship promotional products to our clients for various events. 

Our clients are our number one priority and they’re rest assured that we take their business extremely serious and as such we pride ourselves on protecting private and proprietary information.

What Makes us the right fit for your projects?

We're Reliable

We go that extra mile to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the services you get from us and we make sure its done correctly. We even answer our phone when you call. We’re real people providing a service that keeps you running 24/7. 

We’re Cost Effective

We put the needs of our clients first and the budget second. So whether you have a large or small budget, Hydel is available to offer guidance and advice to get you and your business where it needs to be.

We’re Approachable

We enjoy doing what we do and are always working closely with our clients. From discussing projects to making recommendations, we make sure you and your business have our full attention. 

Completing the job

Designing your website or any other projects requires dedication, communication, time and effort to meet our clients needs. To accomplish this, we use a 6 step process to complete our task:

01. Meeting

During our first meeting, we’ll discuss your business, the service(s) you’re interested in, deadlines  (if any), packages, prices and budget.


We’ll create a specific plan, if needed, or suggest an existing plan centered around your budget and timeline. Discuss your project more in depth.


Once the project(s) are approved, a request for payment will be emailed along with a design contract to you outlining all your request and if needed an NDA can also be provided.


We’ll begin a first draft of your project(s), then email it to you for approval. At this stage we welcome all and any suggestions to get the design the way you want it.


Once the design is approved, we begin developing your website or graphic design. If printing is required, a pdf will be emailed for confimation before print begins. 


After completing any second revision (if required), your projects are then finalized and ready for launched or sent to print and ship.

Why you should work with us.

We Listen

Our designs are based on our clients ideas. We listen first, make suggestion after. So If you have a unique design idea that you’d like to convert into a website or graphic design, you are definitely at the right place.

We're Professional

We have the creativity and experience to provide professional designs to brand your business and product, helping you to stand out from your competitors.

We're Passionate

Doing what you we love defines who we are at Hydel. We’re passionate, committed and we go that extra mile to make sure you get the best for all your projects.